Crionet Services
Crionet Services

The unit that gives substance to the business. Revamped unit Crionet Solutions operates both within the group and for outside customers selling high-profile IT consulting and training services on a wide range of products  and technologies: cloud platforms, mobile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The main focus is architecture design and development of software solutions.



Unified platform for asset management of sport events.

Active in the sport business for over a decade: event planning, costs optimization, sponsoring, integrated marketing strategies.

Commentary System

Real-Time Sport Information Service for broadcasters. Stats, live data and video analysis available for every sport.

Business Consultancy (CRM Platforms)

High profile business experts can help to improve the business with any stage of its customer relationship management.  Whether it’s choosing the right strategy, developing your CRM system, assessing your current CRM platform or helping users get the most from their clients and sponsors.

Result/Competition System/Clubs

Platform design and implementation for managing professional and national activities. Membership and club activities management platform with IoT integrated solutions.
Courts booking and multisport video-analysis.


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