Napoli, Italy, October 18, 2019

Crionet, a global leader firm in sports and media business, announces a significant increase in its software development capabilities following the acquisition of the software solution ‘Matchscorer’, and the inclusion of its development team, based in Haifa, Israel.
Matchscorer is an application designed to provide umpires and referees with a smart and friendly interface for conducting tennis matches and tournaments.
It fully supports the performance of the chair or/and roving umpire during a match, including actions such as saving of a toss result, recording points, service faults, aces, match interruption issues, time and code violations and balls change reminder, etc.
The application is aimed for the professional tennis and other racquets sports tournament officials.
Giorgio Garcia-Agreda, CEO of Crionet stated: “This is a significant declaration of our intent to capitalize on the strong demand we have seen for our software applications in tennis. Moreover, we have great plans for the distribution of Matchscorer at any level, from Enterprise to Consumer Market. In fact, we will continue to focus on the professional and mass market sport business, and we expect to announce major global agreements very soon.”
Crionet will soon launch a new version of the software with interesting features run by AI and Machine Learning.

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